Friday, 25 July 2014

Maxon DS-830 Distortion Master

Skreddy Mayonaise MkIII

The latest incarnation of a very popular classic Skreddy pedal.  Thanks to mmolteratx on FSB for the traced schematic.

Info about Marc's original:
A faithful recreation of that old-school big box that gave us our start
Creamy, sustaining, amp-blowing-up, huge distortion with a grainy, ear-pleasing, low-fi edge and just the right amount of 'hair'
Heavy does not have to mean harsh or unnatural or even modern
Finally a tone control that is actually useful and powerful, yet does not sound bad at any setting
Makes a single-coil pickup sound more like a humbucker, yet doesn't completely obliterate the guitar's tone
Makes a clean amp sound like a dirty, cranked amp, even at low volume--preamp or power-tube distortion not required.

The tone of these transistors is nearly identical to the NOS units the original Mayonaise used (they look the same, too).  Just a couple of minor capacitor tweaks take it the rest of the way there.  Made of the same types of parts as used in our first product ever, which was a sonic clone of the circa 1971 "triangle knob" version fuzz box that used the legendary and unobtainable FS36999 transistors.

Has all that original pillowiness, grit, compression, and near infinite sustain as the original.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

HAO Rumble Mod

Request.  It's probably worth considering using 2 independent 500K log pots and separating the boost and drive sides.  It seems a little restrictive to have them as a dual pot rather than being able to set their gain individually and of course it may also be preferable to make the toggle a stomp so that you can change "channels" on the fly.  A little wide to fit in a 1590B horizontally, but will fit in mounted vertically no problem.

Info about the original:
The ultimate overdrive unit, the HAO Rumble MOD RM-1 uses hand-selected components to provide the purest, smoothest, thickest overdrive ever. The problem with most OD’s lies in mismatched input/output impedances that can make components work overtime. The Rumble’s input and output buffers provide proper impedance matching, allowing its circuitry to focus purely on generating the fattest overdrive possible. The Rumble’s two modes of operation – Clean Boost in Mode #1 and Overdrive in Mode #2 – allow for a variety of applications and tonal options. If you’ve been searching for that $10K amp sound but are several $K short of the mark, the HAO Rumble MOD is the economical answer to your tone quest.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Perf Boosters

Just a bit of a bonus utility layout really.  I quite like perf with some things, and there's no doubt you can get circuits more compact than with stripboard.  I do find as a building medium it's more of a pain with larger circuits as making the tracks as you go and trying to keep it all neat can get old pretty quickly for me.  But I did a couple of compact boosters in an effort to minimise the required space that I can use in dual effects or maybe with those quiet circuits that need a bit of an extra push.  So as I've done them I thought I may as well share them in case they come in handy for anyone else.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Pink Jimi Photon Flying Spaghetti Monster

Pink's latest original. It's suggested that "Bloom n' Boost" switch should be taken as a stomp. And you should probably play around with the clipping diodes too. The feedback loop transistor reportedly needs to be a high gain PNP Germanium for the circuit to work right. Don't know about you guys, but i'm going to build one for myself. You'll find Jimi's complete thread about the design on FSB.